Financial Services
We are financial doctors serving healthy and financially challenged businesses. We provide preventive financial check-ups, analysis and diagnosis for troubled businesses, and feasibility work for those contemplating expansion. Having been a lender myself, we can facilitate communication and understanding between you and your lender, whether to work out of a tough spot or to achieve funding for operation needs or major capital expansions. We happily work with all forms of business, but have great expertise in Ag production and, in particular, pork production.

Farm Management
Thank you for your consideration of us to provide your farm management needs. A lifetime of hands on involvement with production, processing, financing, and marketing of Ag products has prepared us to serve you.

My initial experience with farm management involved farms held in
trust, in the trust department of banks. As a result, I learned early on the importance of being responsible for the preservation of the "entrusted" asset. After first establishing your objectives for your farm, we will develop a plan to optimize profits, while protecting the long term wellbeing of your land here in Iowa.

We believe it is very important to have continuity relating to soil fertility, weed control and conservation practices, as all of these influence the long term profitability and value of your property.

Research predicts that we will have a need for twice as much food by 2050. We would welcome the opportunity to manage your farm, as it strives to meet this need.

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